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The Novilux Team

Bill BW_edited.jpg

Bill Ortyn - Chief Executive Officer

Bill started working with SMC™ technology in 2015 and founded the Company in 2019 with the reassignment of the Singulex patent portfolio to Novilux. He has more than 30 years of experience in startup and large-cap businesses building companies and products from concept through profitability, forging key licensing agreements, and securing liquidity events for shareholders. His career highlights in the Clinical Diagnostics and Life Sciences tools space include 160 issued patents, numerous transformational product launches, multiple liquidity events, and a wealth of rewarding experiences building and working with highly capable and motivated teams.

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Brian Noland, Ph. D. - VP Biological Sciences 

Brian has spent most of the last 25 years developing products and managing teams, both large and small, within the regulated diagnostic space. His specialty is Point-of-Care systems with a roughly a decade spent at Biosite|Inverness|Alere advancing content on their various platforms. His product development expertise is broad based including immunodiagnostics, molecular, enzyme, and small molecule assays. Brian oversees all things biological, chemical, and clinical at Novilux. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Biophysics from Texas A&M and a BA in Creative Studies Biology from UCSB.

Daniel Sheehan BW.jpeg

Dan Sheehan - Chief Software Architect

Dan has degree in Computational Physics from Carnegie Mellon University. He serves as the Chief Software Architect, as well as image processing algorithm engineer, signal processing algorithm engineer, real-time software developer, and troubleshooter. His pedigree is a perfect fit with more than 20 years of experience developing sophisticated image processing-based instruments for high throughput, high sensitivity imaging flow cytometry and ultra-high sensitivity protein detection. He has many successful commercial launches to his credit.  

Jolly BW.png

John Jolly - VP Research and Development

John has spent his career developing cutting-edge Life Sciences instrumentation in management and hands on roles. John was instrumental in building the production capacity and Quality Systems at Amnis Corporation before moving into R&D. After acquisition by Merck KGaA John developed and managed commercialization activities for MilliporeSigma's SMCxPRO™ instrument. At his core he is a Mechanical and Systems Engineer but he also manages staff up and down the management ladder, writes software, and does whatever is needed to ensure success with a repertoire spanning the entire product life cycle.

Michele 2 BW.jpg

Michele Gilbert, Ph.D. - Principal Assay Scientist 

Michele's Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Washington is built upon a foundation in Chemical Engineering. Her twenty-five years plus of industry and research positions at Singulex, Bio-Rad, Lawrence Livermore, and UC Berkeley provide an excellent set of experiences to draw upon for her development of ultra-high sensitivity assays at Novilux. Michele has developed Novilux’ flagship assays, controls, calibrators, and test reagents with a comprehensive, data driven methodology providing a solid base for commercialization.

Luis BW.jpg

Luis Monsalve - Principal Hardware Engineer

Luis is a Systems and Electrical Engineer with 30 years of experience in development and commercialization of products for use in Clinical Diagnostics and Blood Screening. His work at Singulex, Roche, Chiron, and Instrumentation Laboratory includes instrument and consumable development for Immunoassay and NAT / PCR-based diagnostics. Luis has lead collaborations with US and international partners from the exploratory stage through FDA submission. He has a wealth of experience in laboratory automation, manufacturing, and technology transfer.

Rich BW.jpg

Rich Livingston, Ph.D. - Principal Scientist / Engineer

Rich spent time as a "rocket scientist" performing communications satellite design at Hughes Aerospace before focusing his talents on ultra-sensitive protein detection. Rich is one of the initial developers of the SMC technology and authored the foundational patents. With a doctorate in electrical engineering and a master's degree in physics, Rich has an uncommon grasp of optical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, and a healthy appreciation for assay development. He has 27 patents.

Cathy Z BW.jpg

Cathleen Zimmerman - Principal SW Engineer

Cathleen has developed instrumentation software for 25 years, specializing in data analysis and user interfaces in addition to user control for image and signal processing-based instruments. She has held numerous management and executive level positions. She has a broad range of capabilities and is equally comfortable performing hands-on development, managing large or small technical teams, or interacting with customers, marketing, sales, service, quality, and production teams to successfully bring products to market and keep customers happy.

Joseph bw2.jpg

Joseph Cooper - Mechanical Engineer

Joseph is a University of Washington graduate. He was a member of the Husky Robotics club for 3 years and worked on several other collaborative mechatronics projects before graduating with honors in 2021. He has a keen interest in the development and commercialization of multi-disciplinary products involving electromechanical systems, cutting edge optical detection, signal and image processing algorithms, and microfluidics. Joseph has been instrumental in developing the bonding technology and methods for the Novilux consumable.

Pat BW.jpg

Pat McDermott - Chief Financial Officer

Pat is a CFO with many years of experience. He is a proven company builder with a track record of success resulting in multiple liquidity events. His skills and experience cover a wide array of responsibility in startup and large companies, public and private accounting, general and operational management, and commercial lending. Pat’s depth and breadth have enabled him to be a steady hand serving as a Board member in numerous for profit and non-profit entities.

Ultrasensitive detection of disease and biomarkers for a brighter future in healthcare

Located on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride across the water from downtown Seattle in Washington State.

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