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Novilux SMC Instrumentation 

Ultrasensitive detection for any diagnostic setting

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Proto 1 Exterior
Assay Processor
Optics & Fluidics

Phoenix Point-of-Care Platform

  • The Phoenix instrument is designed to operate in concert with a unique, low-cost consumable disc. The disc is inserted into the Phoenix for fully automated processing. The disc can utilize anti-coagulated whole blood, plasma, serum, and other body fluids. 


  • Whole blood is processed to plasma via high-speed centrifugation and incubated. The assay processor then adds buffers and moves the processed analyte though the fluidic circuit using a novel transport method to facilitate washing and resuspension of single analyte molecules for scanning.


  • The "SAFE" runtime QC system processes imagery and laser scans at key steps, analyzing thousands of pieces of data, in real-time to ensure quality metrics are achieved. Positive controls are run simultaneously with each sample to further ensure integrity of the results.


  • Within the instrument Novilux internally designed and built key components optimized for the application. By taking this approach, rather than integrating available general-purpose components, Novilux can achieve robust, high performance at low cost. 

  • The result:  The Phoenix platform packs a host of highly sophisticated and highly optimized elements into a tiny, low-cost, fully automated package generating Best in World performance at the Point-of-Care. 

       o  Unmatched Sensitivity                     o  Low-cost                 o  Full-run time QC


Results in 12 minutes


Optical & spatial multiplexing 

Runtime QC

High integrity results every run

Rapid Development  Platform

Novilux designed the Rapid Development Platform (RDP) to optimize multiplexed scanning and facilitate rapid development of SMC™ assays for Point-of-Care. 

The RDP enables samples to be read in a micro-titer plate format after being processed in parallel on the bench using liquid or lyophilized reagents. This enables prototyping using a statistically significant number of samples for new assays. The ability to develop assays in liquid format and then test lyophilized formulations of those same assays in parallel is key to rapid menu expansion of the Phoenix POC platform.  

By design, the multiplexed optics and signal processing engine in the RDP are identical to those in the Phoenix platform. The RDP is used for new assay development, incoming QC of buffers and reagents and confirmatory testing of samples and calibrators.


o  Multiplexed high throughput reading for assay and reagent development

o  RDP enables rapid menu expansion for the Phoenix platform 

RDP shots compiled_edited.jpg

Novilux Software Tools

The Point-of-Care and RDP platforms utilize the same software internally developed at Novilux. This is true for instrument control, runtime SAFE QC, results determination as well as the tools for post hoc data analysis.

Instrument Software

Software 2.png
sofware 1.png

Point-of-Care Platform

(Status of instrument during run)

Rapid Development Platform

(384 well selection for analysis)

SAFE QC Interface

(Laser image in confocal stop)

Analysis Software

sofware 1.png

Signal processing interface

(SAFE QC Wash analysis)

sofware 1.png

Statistical Analysis

(LoBDQ, dynamic range, linearity...)

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