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The Company has developed a Point-of-Care platform for ultra-high sensitivity detection of disease and biomarkers:

10X higher sensitivity than the Reference Laboratory    

Utra-high sensitivity immunoassays and blood chemistry on one platform 

Results available in 12 minutes

No esoteric, high tolerance production methods required. One-piece molded disc w/bonded laminate.  

Run-time QC classifier tests buffers, reagents, consumable and instrument for every sample

56 patents issued. New Point-of-Care patent issuance and applications in process

Key optical and fluidic technologies designed and built by Novilux enable high performance at low cost

Biomarker development ecosystem in place, 100's of RUO instruments in operation via out-license

Same technology for Point-of-Care, Reference Lab, Research Lab, Blood Screening ... 

  • Superior performance:    

  • Comprehensive:

  • Fast Time-to-Result:

  • Low-cost consumables:

  • High quality results:

  • Strong IP barrier:

  • Proprietary:

  • Poised for growth:

  • True platform technology: 

 With on-site patient testing that is superior to the clinical reference lab, Novilux is redefining diagnostics at the Point-of-Care.  

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Technology Overview

                        Instruments        |        Assays        |        Consumables

Novilux advances in optical reading, immunoassay processing, and consumable design dramatically improve sensitivity enable testing at Point-of-Care to leap past the reference lab in testing performance.  

  • The approach integrates both image and signal processing, a unique optical architecture, and the SMC assay methodology to count individual molecules of analyte to achieve world-class sensitivity.

  • Every step in the process is monitored in real-time to ensure repeatable, high-quality results needed for diagnostic use.

  • The process operates within in a novel, low-cost consumable.

  • The fundamental technology has been proven by years of commercial operation in the research market.

Novilux has developed a "ready-for-commercialization" Point-of-Care instrument, associated consumables and reagents for the diagnostics market.

Team Overview

Testing at the Point-of-Care has potential to simultaneously improve patient care while reducing overall medical costs. But, without skilled technicians to operate equipment it also has the highest demands for ease of use, rigorous run-time quality control, robust operation, and low cost.   

The Novilux team has employed their diverse skillset, creativity, and collaborative mindset to develop an array of key technologies needed for ultra-high performance while achieving operational simplicity for Point-of-Care.   


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