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Intellectual Property & Licensing

Novilux has put in place formidable barriers to entry for competitors including: 


  • High number of issued patents with broad claims   ​


  • Significant internally developed trade secret IP and know-how in consumables, fluidics, assays, optics, signal and image processing, and alignment / fabrication techniques


  • New patent applications with allowed claims covering novel concepts incorporated into the Point-of-Care product


Novilux patents and out-licensing program ensure a strong and growing future for its technology. 

By the Numbers


Issued Patents


Individual Jurisdictions


Applications in process



Out-Licensing Agreements

Novilux has strategically out-licensed technology with royalty-based, straight cash, exclusive and non-exclusive agreements.

  • MilliporeSigma / Merck KGaA – Research tools. Multitudes of researchers around the world using SMC™ to discover new, clinically effective biomarkers.


  • Grifols – Blood screening. Next generation platforms in development using Novilux SMC™ technology.


  • Undisclosed – completed in late 2022, non-exclusive rights to use SMC technology in a limited field.

Millipore Sigma 2.png

o  Key agreements in place expanding the use of Novilux SMC™ technology. 

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