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Ultrasensitive Diagnostics through Single Molecule Counting (SMC

SMC addresses signal to noise ratio at every step in the process providing breathtaking results

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Standard Immunoassays

The common immunoassay has three fundamental steps

  • Incubate

  • Wash

  • Read


The process uses antibodies to bind target analytes and labels to a substrate for reading en masse via chromogenic or fluorescent detection.


Even with near perfect antibodies there are many noise sources inherent in the process and the signal strength is weak relative to the noise unless the target analyte is in high abundance.    

The Novilux SMC Difference

SMC™ addresses the key noise sources in the assay and read processes using patented methods and apparatus. SMC™ starts as a normal immunoassay; however, several key steps are added. These steps ultimately suspend single molecules of the target analyte and labels in a pristine low noise buffer.


  • The SMC™ assay substantially decreases non-specific binding compared to conventional methods. Further, the process eliminates the substrate. Addressing these elements significantly reduces variability and read noise.


  • A unique, rapid, highly efficient, and low noise optical architecture is applied to scan the pristine buffer counting single photons from fluorescent tags bound to target analyte molecules.


  • Proprietary software and algorithms determine concentration by identifying molecular signatures and counting individual molecules in the suspension.


The Result:    Unmatched sensitivity in diagnostics for any immunoassay.  

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Point-of-Care Platform

The Company has developed Point-of-Care instrumentation, assays, reagents, buffers and a simple, unique, very low-cost cartridge that takes whole blood and isolates the analyte of interest.


  • Testing on thousands of blood and plasma samples measuring cardiac troponin I (cTnI) demonstrates analytical sensitivity that is an order of magnitude better than the latest generation of sophisticated instruments used in the Centralized Diagnostics Testing Laboratory.


  • Novilux analytical sensitivity is 100X better than the FDA approved suite of instruments used to measure cTnI at the Point-of-Care.

   o 10X sensitivity of Reference Lab          o 100X sensitivity of POC

Novilux SMC can be applied to any Biomarker in an immunoassay

  • Many RUO assays available in "kit" form 

  • Thousands of researchers are using SMC™ for biomarker discovery

  • More kits and research results are coming online

  • Novilux at Point-of-Care will outclass the field for existing applications and take advantage of a growing menu of cutting-edge biomarkers  

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