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Analytical Sensitivity

The graph on the left shows a broad ranged dose response of recombinant cTnI serially diluted in EDTA anti-coagulated plasma and measured on the Novilux point-of-care platform. The inset graph highlights the response of samples from 0 to 10 pg/mL cTnI. Most samples were measured with at least 9 replicates, but the endogenous and blank samples were measured with 51 and 44 replicates respectively. LoBDQ values calculated from these data are shown in the table below.

LoBDQ table 2.png


The graph on the right shows the %CV from endogenous cTnI to 1,000 pg/mL cTnI with semilog scaling. The individual points are determined from multiple measurements of recombinant cTnI spiked into EDTA anti-coagulated human plasma on the Novilux point-of-care platform.

Precision graph.PNG
assay TTR breakdown 4.png

Time to Results < 30 minutes

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