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10X Higher Sensitivity than
the Clinical Reference Lab

... results in 12 minutes at the Point-of-Care 

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Point-of-Care Platform

  • Sensitivity: LoD < 0.20 ng/L (Cardiac Troponin I)

  • Time-to-Result:  12 minutes

  • Multiplex: test four analytes​ in parallel
  • Low-cost cartridge and consumables

  • Room temperature reagent shipping and storage

  • Broad Menu of SMC assays (RUO)

  • Comprehensive run-time QC with each sample

Novilux Highlights

  • Strong IP portfolio

  • Proven platform technology

  • Strategic out-licenses completed to grow the business

    • Ecosystem of biomarker developers 

    • Royalty bearing in orthogonal markets

  • Experienced team

  • Point-of-Care Platform - poised for commercialization

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Single Molecule Counting  -  SMC 

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Single Molecule Counting Technology

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Intellectual Property & Out-Licensing

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Meet the Team

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